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Selection Process

Candidate's Assessment - In-depth interviews with prospective candidates to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and chances for effective bonding within client's organization. Formal checking of candidates' references and informal checking-out of their personal data through our industry contacts.

Detailed Personal Reference Check - verify and examine the candidate's working experience and academic background, and also check with their personal details such as any company offenses in the past, reference on personality and character, future plan of family relocation and also health and marital status which may affect the normal performance of their work.

Presentation of the Most Qualified Candidates - Submission of short-list with most qualified candidates in the position. An individual report on each candidate is presented to client with details in full.

Arrangement of Interviews - Coordination of interviews between client and candidate in client's office or Job Forest's office if necessary. An itinerary will be submitted if interviews are to be performed in another country.

Consultation on Negotiation - Advising on negotiations for salary packages and any other issues relevant to the placement between client and preferred candidates.

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